Profits from Seller Financed Loan Purchased at Closing

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Here's how it works: Line up a shortsale or REO purchase, use our method to line up a buyer, then use our investor's funds to buy the home and flip it to your buyer. No credit needed on your part since the buyer's note is sold at closing to payoff our private investor. This is a No Cash / No Credit transaction for investors.

By purchasing Platinum Level, you are purchasing training as an investor so that you can flip homes using the Program. You receive the Gold level program and the Platinum level training. You can also start earning more as a result of being at the Platinum Level.

1.Earn Full Profit Spreads on homes you flip.
2.Earn 1% of the loan purchased from every Homeowner that funds with our Temporary Seller Financing Program.
3.Earn 1/2% percent of the loan purchased on any sales made by your team members.

(Disclosure: these are examples of how profits are made, not a prediction of your actual results)

Profits made by making Gold and Platinum Level Sales.

4.Earn $400 on every Platinum sale made from your website with the exceptions of your first and fourth sales.
5.Earn a $200.00 Bonus on every Platinum sale that any of your team members make. This becomes a residual income that continues to come in each time anyone on your team brings Platinum members. It also means you earn $600 on each of the 1st and 4th sales from any of your team sales to infinity. Plus, you earn the $200 on every sale made from each of your team members. Your 1st and 4th personal sales are not part of your team as they are passed up to your team leader and become part of their team. All of your team members will also pass up their 1st and 4th personal sales which is how your team will grow as well, from the efforts of your team members.
6.You can use any pre-approved buyers from any of your own Gold team member's, to flip your own homes with; (after the original seller has their opportunity to sell to that buyer). Gold level team members are limited to earning only from the original homeowner that created the lead. All additional pre-approved leads belong to you. This is the key to building an enormous buyers list, ready to buy your next home.
7. Earn $150.00 when team members joins at the Gold level.
8. Earn $400.00 on every Platinum team member that joins through any of your own Gold team members. (Gold team members only earn when someone signs up at Gold Level. They must pass-up all Platinum members to you until they become a qualified Platinum Team Leader. You get to keep all passed up team members.)

*All charts and financial examples on this page are examples and explainations of the process only. Your actual results may vary.

"This week one of my Owner Finance ads generated a call from a buyer with $43,000 in cash she was willing to put down on my house. The complete transaction was literally 1 � hours of 'work' from call to check collected. I structured an owner finance myself with her and we drew the paperwork up and she moved in last night. With the check and the first months payment of $1500, I have a total cash in hand of $ 41,725.00 She got a house she 'owns', I got a house sold, and we both won. In 5 days, start to finish, 1 � hours of 'work'. By the way, I have had 3 calls from folks with $20-40K down this week alone, and that trend will continue, be assured of that. People still want to buy homes." Scott Colley